A headdress; a white piece of cloth worn by top English lawyers on top of their wigs.

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  • coif — COIF, coifuri, s.n. Acoperământ de metal sau de piele pentru protecţia capului, purtat în trecut de unii ostaşi în timpul luptei. ♦ Caschetă de hârtie în formă de bicorn, cu care se joacă copiii, care se poartă ocazional pentru a proteja capul de …   Dicționar Român

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  • Coif — (koif or kw[aum]f), n. [OF. coife, F. coiffe, LL. cofea, cuphia, fr. OHG. kuppa, kuppha, miter, perh. fr. L. cupa tub. See {Cup}, n.; but cf. also {Cop}, {Cuff} the article of dress, {Quoif}, n.] 1. A cap. Specifically: (a) A close fitting cap… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • coif — (n.) late 13c., close fitting cap, from O.Fr. coife skull cap, cap worn under a helmet, headgear (12c., Mod.Fr. coiffe), from L.L. coifa a cap, hood (Cf. It. cuffia, Sp. cofia, escofia), of W.Gmc. origin (Cf. O.H.G. kupphia, M.H.G. kupfe cap ).… …   Etymology dictionary

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  • Coif — For coiffure , see Hairstyle. Detail of Edward VI as a child by Holbein, 1538: he wears a linen coif under a cloth of gold coif and a feathered hat. A coif ( …   Wikipedia

  • coif — /koyf/ A title given to Serjeants at law, who are called serjeants of the coif, from the coif they wear on their heads. The use of this coif at first was to cover the clerical tonsure, many of the practicing serjeants being clergymen who had… …   Black's law dictionary

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