equitable ownership

equitable ownership
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  • equitable ownership — The ownership interest of one who has equitable as contrasted with legal ownership of property as in the case of a trust beneficiary. Ownership rights which are protected in equity. See also equitable interest …   Black's law dictionary

  • ownership — Collection of rights to use and enjoy property, including right to transmit it to others. Trustees of Phillips Exeter Academy v. Exeter, 92 N.H. 473, 33 A.2d 665, 673. The complete dominion, title, or proprietary right in a thing or claim. The… …   Black's law dictionary

  • equitable interest — The interest of a beneficiary under a trust is considered equitable as contrasted with the interest of the trustee which is a legal interest because the trustee has legal as contrasted with equitable title. Restatement, Second, Trusts, No. 2f.… …   Black's law dictionary

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  • equitable interest — An interest in, or ownership of, property that is recognized by equity but not by the common law A beneficiary under a trust has an equitable interest. Any disposal of an equitable interest (e. g. a sale) must be in writing. Some equitable… …   Big dictionary of business and management

  • Equitable title — In law, an equitable title refers to the actual enjoyment and use of a property whereas a legal title implies actual ownership. An example of such is a trust. In a trust, one person may own the legal title, such as the trustees. Another may own… …   Wikipedia

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  • equitable title — A title which is recognized as ownership in equity, whatever cognizance may be taken of it at law, for example, the title of the vendee under a contract for the sale of real estate. 56 Am J1st V & P § 356. A title which is not a legal title and… …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • equitable estate — noun : the estate of one who has a beneficial right in property the legal ownership of which is vested in a trustee or a person treated by equity as a trustee (as in the case of a use, trust, or power) that has under modern statutes some of the… …   Useful english dictionary

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