I (apprehended) adjective captured, caught, collared, committed, confined, constrained, detained, held, held in custody, immurred, imprisoned, incarcerated, interned, jailed, kept in custody, legally restrained, made captive, made prisoner, remanded, remanded into custody, restrained, seized, sent to prison, taken by force by the authorities, taken into custody, taken prisoner, under arrest associated concepts: arrest warrant, body execution, civil arrest, detention and custody, false arrest, false imprisonment, habeas corpus, imprisonment, malicious prosecution, probable cause to arrest, resisting arrest, restraint of liberty, search incident to an arrest, unlawful arrest II (checked) adjective adjourned, blocked, bridled, circumscribed, contained, controlled, curbed, deferred, delayed, deterred, discouraged, encumbered, governed, hampered, held back, hindered, impeded, inhibited, interrupted, limited, obstructed, postponed, prescribed, prevented, repressed, restrained, restricted, retarded, slowed down, stayed, stopped, suppressed, suspended, withheld

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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