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  • Attributes —   Attributes are the outcomes by which the relative goodness of a particular expansion plan is measured e.g. fuel usage. Some attributes, such as fuel usage, are measured in well defined parameters. Other attributes (e.g. public perception of a… …   Energy terms

  • attributes — qualities belonging to someone or something, c.1600; see ATTRIBUTE (Cf. attribute) …   Etymology dictionary

  • attributes — at·trib·ute || É™ trɪbjuːt n. quality, characteristic; adjective (Grammar) v. ascribe to; credit with …   English contemporary dictionary

  • ATTRIBUTES — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Attributes, Divine — • In order to form a more systematic idea of God, and as far as possible, to unfold the implications of the truth, God is All Perfect, this infinite Perfection is viewed, successively, under various aspects, each of which is treated as a separate …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Attributes of God — Part of a series on Attributes of God in Christian theology Aseity Eternity …   Wikipedia

  • attributes, divine — (sifat Allah)    See God, attributes of …   Islamic philosophy dictionary

  • ATTRIBUTES OF GOD —    those characteristics uniquely applicable to the divine BEING. Two classical ways of arriving at the attributes of God have been    1) the way of negation, via negativa rather than saying what God is, say what He is not; e.g. God is unlimited… …   Concise dictionary of Religion

  • attributes sampling — An examination of less than 100% of a population to determine the proportion of the population that has a specified attribute. Attributes sampling is used by auditors in compliance tests, where the characteristic being sought is a deviation from… …   Accounting dictionary

  • Attributes of some free software licenses — Legend: * Persistence of the 4 fundamental freedoms : No = No persistence at all ; * = persistence on code modification ; ** = persitence on code addition.* Level of permissivity : No = absolutely not permissive ; * = permissivity around the… …   Wikipedia

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