in any event
index notwithstanding, regardless

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • in any event — adverb used to indicate that a statement explains or supports a previous statement (Freq. 6) Anyhow, he is dead now I think they re asleep; anyhow, they re quiet I don t know what happened to it; anyway, it s gone anyway, there is another factor… …   Useful english dictionary

  • in\ any\ event — • in any case • in any event • at all events adv. phr. 1. No matter what happens: surely; without fail; certainly; anyhow; anyway. It may rain tomorrow, but we are going home in any case. I may not go to Europe, but in any event, I will visit you …   Словарь американских идиом

  • in any event — See: IN ANY CASE …   Dictionary of American idioms

  • in any event — See: IN ANY CASE …   Dictionary of American idioms

  • in any event — or at all events whatever happens or has happened The main witness was probably lying, but in any event the prosecution s case was very weak …   English dictionary

  • in any event — • in any case • in any event no matter what happens, surely, without fail I may not be able to meet you next week but in any case I will still give you the books before then. whatever happens; anyway In any case, we must helр all we can. в любом… …   Idioms and examples

  • in any event — we may not join you for dinner, but in any event we ll see you at the theater Syn: regardless, whatever happens, come what may, no matter what, at any rate, in any case, anyhow, anyway, even so, still, nevertheless, nonetheless; informal anyways …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • in any event — ► in any event (or at all events) whatever happens or may have happened. Main Entry: ↑event …   English terms dictionary

  • in any event — whatever happens. I hope to meet her this afternoon, but in any event I have to return home tomorrow. Usage notes: the same meaning can also be expressed by at (the very) least, come hell or high water, come what may, and either way Related… …   New idioms dictionary

  • in any event — in any case, in any situation, anyhow, anyway …   English contemporary dictionary

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