I adjective apathetic, benumbed, bewildered, blind, callous, clueless, comatose, dazed, deaf, deprived of sensation, dormant, drugged, dull, emotionless, exanimate, frigid, heedless, ignorant, imperceptive, impercipient, inanimate, incapable of feeling, incapable of perceiving, inexcitable, insensate, insensitive, insentient, obdurescere, passive, senseless, sensu carere, spiritless, stony, stupefied, supine, torporific, unacquainted, unaffected, unaroused, unaware, unconscious, undiscerning, unenlightened, unfeeling, unhearing, unknowing, unmindful, unmoved, unperceptive, unrealizing, unresponsive, unseeing, unsuspecting, untouched, unwitting, vegetating, void of feeling II index blind (not discerning), callous, incognizant, insusceptible (uncaring), intangible, lifeless (dull), oblivious, phlegmatic, reckless, torpid, unaware

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006


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  • insensible — [ ɛ̃sɑ̃sibl ] adj. • 1223; lat. insensibilis I ♦ Qui ne sent pas, ne ressent rien. 1 ♦ Vx ou littér. Qui n a pas de sensibilité physique. ⇒ inanimé, 2. mort. « Sur la pierre insensible où mes pleurs ont coulé » (M. J. Chénier). 2 ♦ Qui n éprouve… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • insensible — Insensible. adj. de tout genre. Qui ne sent point, qui n est point touché de l impression que l objet doit faire sur les sens ou sur l ame. On dit que les ladres sont insensibles. le froid engourdit les parties & les rend insensibles. il souffre… …   Dictionnaire de l'Académie française

  • Insensible — In*sen si*ble, a. [L. insensibilis: cf. F. insensible. See {In } not, and {Sensible}.] [1913 Webster] 1. Destitute of the power of feeling or perceiving; wanting bodily sensibility; unconscious. Milton. [1913 Webster] 2. Not susceptible of… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • insensible — 1 Insensible, insensitive, impassible, anesthetic mean unresponsive to stimuli or to external influences. Insensible usually implies total unresponsiveness, and therefore unawareness or unconsciousness such as may result from blunted powers of… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • insensible — adjetivo 1. Que no puede percibir sensaciones físicas o afectivas: Soy insensible a l calor. Es insensible a l problema de los refugiados …   Diccionario Salamanca de la Lengua Española

  • insensible — ► ADJECTIVE 1) without one s mental faculties; unconscious. 2) numb; without feeling. 3) (insensible of/to) unaware of; indifferent to. 4) too small or gradual to be perceived. DERIVATIVES insensibly adverb insensibility …   English terms dictionary

  • insensible — 1. relativo a una persona que está inconsciente por cualquier causa. 2. relativo a una persona desprovista de percepciones sensitivas normales. Diccionario Mosby Medicina, Enfermería y Ciencias de la Salud, Ediciones Hancourt, S.A. 1999 …   Diccionario médico

  • insensible — (adj.) c.1400, lacking the power to feel with the senses, from L. insensibilis that cannot be felt, from in not (see IN (Cf. in ) (1)) + sensibilis (see SENSIBLE (Cf. sensible)). Also sometimes in M.E. incapable of being felt or perceived by the… …   Etymology dictionary

  • insensible — Insensible, Sensu cassus, Sensus expers …   Thresor de la langue françoyse

  • insensible — (Del lat. insensibĭlis). 1. adj. Que carece de sensibilidad. 2. Privado de sentido por dolencia, accidente u otra causa. 3. Que no puede sentir o percibir. 4. Que no siente las cosas que causan dolor y pena o mueven a lástima …   Diccionario de la lengua española

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