make a demand

make a demand
index call (demand), move (judicially reques t)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • demand — de·mand 1 n 1: a formal request or call for something (as payment for a debt) esp. based on a right or made with force a shareholder must first make a demand on the corporation s board of directors to act R. C. Clark a written demand for payment… …   Law dictionary

  • demand — [di mand′, dimänd′] vt. [ME demaunden < OFr demander, to demand < L demandare, to give in charge < de , away, from + mandare, to entrust: see MANDATE] 1. to ask for boldly or urgently 2. to ask for as a right or with authority 3. to… …   English World dictionary

  • make — I verb accomplish, achieve, actualize, assemble, attain, author, beget, bring about, bring forth, bring into being, bring into existence, bring to effect, bring to pass, build, call into being, call into existence, carry into effect, carry into… …   Law dictionary

  • demand — You demand something from or (less commonly) of someone (demanded an apology from or of him), and you make a demand on someone for something (kept putting more demands on the overworked staff for their time) …   Modern English usage

  • Demand — De*mand , v. i. To make a demand; to inquire. [1913 Webster] The soldiers likewise demanded of him, saying, And what shall we do? Luke iii. 14. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • demand — I n. urgent request 1) to make a demand 2) to meet, satisfy a demand; to give in to, yield to a demand 3) to reject a demand 4) to drop a demand 5) an excessive, exorbitant; inexorable; moderate, modest, reasonable; terroristic demand 6) union;… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • demand — de|mand1 [ dı mænd ] verb *** 1. ) transitive to say in a very firm way that you want something: Angry congressmen are demanding an inquiry into the deal. The demonstrators demanded the release of all prisoners. demand to know/see: She demanded… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • demand */*/*/ — I UK [dɪˈmɑːnd] / US [dɪˈmænd] noun Word forms demand : singular demand plural demands 1) [countable] a very firm statement that you want something He was sympathetic to their demands. demand for: She repeated her demand for an urgent review of… …   English dictionary

  • demand — Synonyms and related words: address, admission, admission fee, anchorage, application, apply for, appoint, appurtenance, ask, ask a question, ask about, ask for, ask questions, asking, assess, at once, authority, authorize, bare necessities, be… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • demand — I. noun Date: 13th century 1. a. an act of demanding or asking especially with authority < a demand for obedience > b. something claimed as due < a list of demands > 2. archaic question 3 …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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