per路pet路u路ate /p蓹r-'pe-ch蓹-藢w膩t/ vt -at路ed, -at路ing: to preserve or make available (testimony) for later use at a trial by means of deposition esp. when the evidence so gathered would be otherwise unavailable or lost
鈼 Courts will not allow the perpetuation of testimony at a pretrial proceeding if it appears to be an attempt to fish for useful material.
per路pet路u路a路tion /p蓹r-藢pe-ch蓹-'w膩-sh蓹n/ n

Merriam-Webster鈥檚 Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I verb carry forward, carry on, cause to be continued, cause to endure, cause to last, eternize, immortalize, keep alive, keep in existence, maintain, make eternal, make everlasting, make last, make permanent, make perpetual, preserve, prolong, render deathless, retain, save, sustain associated concepts: perpetuate testimony II index continue (prolong), establish (entrench), keep (continue), maintain (carry on), persevere, preserve, prolong, remain (continue), sustain (prolong), uphold

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006


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