grievance procedure
grievance procedure n: the several stages or steps established for the resolution of grievances
◇ A grievance procedure typically calls for initial complaints to a supervisor and leads ultimately to arbitration as a final step.

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grievance procedure
Under a grievance procedure, an employee dissatisfied with a disciplinary decision can apply to a higher authority. A grievance procedure generally advises an employee on how he can seek redress and what further steps may be taken. Under the Employment Protection (Consolidation) Act 1978, a grievance procedure must be supplied to new employees. It is normally a condition of the employment contract that it is subject to the grievance procedure in force at the time.

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grievance procedure
A procedure for an employer to deal with complaints by employees. The statutory dispute resolution procedures in Schedule 2 to the Employment Act 2002 contain two statutory GPs, the standard GP and the modified GP, one of which must usually be followed where an employee or former employee has a grievance that could form the basis of a tribunal claim. Employers may incorporate the steps contained in the statutory GPs into their own internal grievance procedures.
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grievance procedure
A term used in labor law to describe an orderly, established way of dealing with problems between employers and employees.

Dictionary from West's Encyclopedia of American Law. 2005.

grievance procedure
A term used in labor law to describe an orderly, established way of dealing with problems between employers and employees.

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