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  • References — Fr. T. Y. Malaty: A Dictionary of the Church Terms, 1982 [in Arabic]. Fr. T. Y. Malaty: Christ in the Eucharist, 1986 [in Arabic and English]. Fr. T. Y. Malaty: Church, House of God, Melbourne, Australia, 1977 [in Arabic and English]. Cross:… …   Dictionary of church terms

  • References to the Three Laws of Robotics — References to Isaac Asimov s Three Laws of Robotics have appeared in a wide variety of circumstances. In some cases, other authors have explored the Laws in a serious fashion. Jack Williamson wrote a disturbing short story called With Folded… …   Wikipedia

  • References medicales opposables — Références médicales opposables Les Références médicales opposables (RMO) sont des recommandations de bonnes pratiques médicales concernant une pathologie. Crées dans le but d’éviter les prescriptions abusives, elles sont non obligatoires bien qu …   Wikipédia en Français

  • References to Ophelia — See also: Ophelia (disambiguation) Ophelia was a favorite subject of artist John William Waterhouse. Ophelia is often referred to in literature and the arts, often in connection to suicide, love, and/or mental instability …   Wikipedia

  • References to Hamlet — Numerous references to Hamlet in popular culture (in film, literature, arts, etc.) reflect the continued influence of this play, which is probably the most popular of Shakespeare s plays, judging by the number of productions. [It tops the list at …   Wikipedia

  • Références culturelles des Simpson — Liste des références culturelles dans les épisodes des Simpson Dans la série américaine Les Simpson, la plupart des épisodes contiennent des références culturelles, des angles de caméra faisant référence à des photos célèbres ; des scènes à… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • References in On the Road — BooksConsumer GoodsCars Clothing paraphernaliaZoot SuitsRestaurants clubsRitzy s BarFood drinkApple Pie Vanilla Ice CreamRecreational DrugsCannabis (also referred to as tea )Benzedrine (referred to as benny )Amphetamines (referred to as goofballs …   Wikipedia

  • References regarding the United States Republican Party — These are the references for further information regarding the United States Republican Party.Primary sources*Cantril, Hadley and Mildred Strunk, eds. Public Opinion, 1935 1946 (1951), huge compilation of public opinion polls from the United… …   Wikipedia

  • References of Pragjyotisha in Mahabharata — King Bhagadatta of Pragjyotisha= *Arjuna defeats Bhagadatta, the king of Pragjyotisha, during his military campaign to collect tribute for Pandava king Yudhisthira s Rajasuya sacrifice. (2,26) *An encounter took place between Bhagadatta and… …   Wikipedia

  • References to synesthesia in fiction — Synesthesia is a neurologically based phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. There are many occurrences of synesthesia in books,… …   Wikipedia

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