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I adjective averse, balking, balky, cantankerous, contumacious, crossgrained, crotchety, deaf to reason, demurring, difficult, discontented, disinclined, disobedient, exceptious, excitable, excited, fidgety, fractious, fretful, grumpy, headstrong, humorsome, ill at ease, impatient, incorrigible, inflexible, insubordinate, insurgent, intractable, intransigent, irreconcilable, lawless, loath, moody, mulish, mutinous, obdurate, obstinate, on edge, out-of-sorts, peevish, perverse, pervicacious, rebellious, recalcitrant, recusant, refractory, reluctant, renitent, resentful, resisting control, restiff, restless, revolutionary, seditious, skittish, splenetic, stickling, stubborn, sulky, sullen, unaccommodating, uncomplaisant, uncompliant, uncomplying, unconsenting, uncontrollable, uneasy, ungovernable, unmanageable, unquiet, unrestful, unruly, unsettled, unsubmissive, unwilling, unyielding, wayward, willful II index adverse (hostile), contumacious, disinclined, disobedient, disorderly, fractious, froward, insubordinate, intractable, lawless, recalcitrant, recusant, uncontrollable, unruly, willful

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006


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  • Restive — Rest ive (r?st ?v), a. [OF. restif, F. r[ e]tif, fr. L. restare to stay back, withstand, resist. See {Rest} remainder, and cf. {Restiff}.] . Unwilling to go on; obstinate in refusing to move forward; stubborn; drawing back. [1913 Webster] Restive …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • restive — restive, restless Despite its form, restive is close in meaning to restless, but conveys a stronger implication of disruptive consequences: • It s no surprise, then, when she turns up a little late…, not tardy enough to be really rude but… …   Modern English usage

  • restive — (adj.) early 15c., restyffe not moving forward, from M.Fr. restif (fem. restive) motionless, from rester to remain (see REST (Cf. rest) (n.2)). Sense of unmanageable (1680s) evolved via notion of a horse refusing to go forward …   Etymology dictionary

  • restive — 1 *contrary, perverse, balky, froward, wayward Analogous words: intractable, *unruly, ungovernable, refractory: *obstinate, stubborn, mulish, stiff necked, pigheaded 2 restless, *impatient, nervous, unquiet, uneasy, fidgety, jumpy, jittery… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • restive — [adj] impatient, nervous agitated, balky, contrary, edgy, fidgety, fractious, fretful, froward, ill at ease, jittery, jumpy, nervy, obstinate, on edge, ornery*, perverse, recalcitrant, refractory, restless, stubborn, tense, uneasy, unruly,… …   New thesaurus

  • restive — ► ADJECTIVE 1) unable to keep still or silent; restless. 2) (of a horse) stubbornly standing still or moving backwards or sideways. DERIVATIVES restively adverb restiveness noun. ORIGIN Old French, from Latin restare remain …   English terms dictionary

  • restive — [res′tiv] adj. [ME restyfe < OFr restif < rester: see REST2] 1. refusing to go forward; balky, as a horse 2. hard to control; unruly; refractory 3. nervous or impatient under pressure or restraint; restless; unsettled SYN. CONTRARY… …   English World dictionary

  • restive — [[t]re̱stɪv[/t]] ADJ GRADED If you are restive, you are impatient, bored, or dissatisfied. [FORMAL] The audience grew restive. ...restive national minorities. Derived words: restiveness N UNCOUNT There were signs of restiveness among the younger… …   English dictionary

  • restive — adjective a) Impatient under delay, duress, or control. The horses were now more restive than ever, and Johann was trying to hold them in. b) Resistant of control; stubborn. Yet I am of opinion, this defect arises chiefly from a perverse, restive …   Wiktionary

  • restive — res|tive [ restıv ] adjective someone who is restive is not willing or able to keep still or be patient and is becoming difficult to control, especially because they are bored or dissatisfied: The speeches were dull and the listening crowd became …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

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