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  • space-saving — /spays say ving/, adj. 1. that saves space. n. 2. the act or process of saving space. * * * …   Universalium

  • space-saving — /spays say ving/, adj. 1. that saves space. n. 2. the act or process of saving space …   Useful english dictionary

  • space-saving spare wheel — See space saver spare …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • space saving tire — A spare tire which is smaller than normal and has limited use only when a flat tire occurs …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • space-sav|ing — «SPAYS SAY vihng», adjective. that saves available space; that helps to use space more efficiently: »The machines are sensationally space saving; since they have flat tops, they can be set one on top of the other (New Yorker) …   Useful english dictionary

  • space — n. & v. n. 1 a a continuous unlimited area or expanse which may or may not contain objects etc. b an interval between one, two, or three dimensional points or objects (a space of 10 metres). c an empty area; room (clear a space in the corner;… …   Useful english dictionary

  • saving tire — See space saving tire …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Space opera — is a subgenre of speculative fiction or science fiction that emphasizes romantic, often melodramatic adventure, set mainly or entirely in space, generally involving conflict between opponents possessing powerful (and sometimes quite fanciful)… …   Wikipedia

  • Space Quest — is a series of six science fiction computer games that follow the adventures of a hapless janitor named Roger Wilco, as he campaigns through the galaxy for truth, justice and really clean floors. Initially created for Sierra On Line by Mark Crowe …   Wikipedia

  • Space Shuttle orbiter — The Discovery orbiter approaches the ISS on STS 121 Operator NASA Mission type Orbiter …   Wikipedia

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