I noun abuse, breach, contravention, crime, delictum, delinquency, dereliction, disobedience, encroachment, error, fault, guilty act, illegal action, illegality, infraction, infringement, iniquity, misbehavior, misconduct, misdeed, misdoing, misfeasance, noncompliance, nonobservance, offense, peccatum, sin, slip, transcursion, trespass, violation, wrong, wrongdoing foreign phrases:
- Frustra legis auxilium quaerit qui in legem committit. — He vainly seeks the aid of the law who transgresses the law
II index bad repute, breach, contravention, criminality, culpability, delinquency (misconduct), disregard (omission), encroachment, fault (responsibility), felony, guilt, illegality, infraction, injustice, invasion, malfeasance, mischief, misconduct, misdeed, misdemeanor, misdoing, misfeasance, misprision, offense, onus (blame), tort, vice, violation, wrong

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006


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