idem sonans
idem so·nans /-'sō-ˌnanz, -ˌnänz/ adj [Latin, sounding the same]: relating to or being two names having the same or similar pronunciation or sound
the two names are not idem sonansJohnson v. Estelle, 704 F.2d 232 (1983)
the idem sonans test compare misnomer
◇ An idem sonans name allows a pleading or other document (as a warrant) to be considered valid despite the minor misspelling of a name or other misidentification of a party (as in identifying a corporation as a partnership). The fact that two trademarks are idem sonans may be used to establish the likelihood of confusion on the part of consumers in a trademark infringement case.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

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