shell corporation
shell corporation see corporation

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

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  • Shell corporation — For the oil company, see Royal Dutch Shell. Not to be confused with Shelf corporation. A shell corporation is a company which serves as a vehicle for business transactions without itself having any significant assets or operations. Shell… …   Wikipedia

  • Shell (corporation) — A shell corporation is defined in Barron s Finance Investment Handbook as a company that is incorporated, but has no significant assets or operations. Shell corporations are not in themselves illegal and they may have legitimate business purposes …   Wikipedia

  • Shell Corporation — A corporation without active business operations or significant assets. Shell corporations are not necessarily illegal or illegitimate, as they often serve an important for potential startups. Additionally, shell corporations can act as a tax… …   Investment dictionary

  • shell corporation — noun a company that is incorporated but has no assets or operations • Syn: ↑shell entity • Hypernyms: ↑corporation, ↑corp …   Useful english dictionary

  • shell corporation — An incorporated company with no significant assets or operations, often formed to obtain financing before beginning actual business, or as a front tax evasion. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary …   Financial and business terms

  • Shell — may refer to * Animal shell, or exoskeleton, including those of molluscs, turtles, insects and crustaceans * Seashell, the shells of various marine animals, especially marine mollusks * Eggshell, the outer covering of a hard shelled eggAny more… …   Wikipedia

  • corporation — cor·po·ra·tion /ˌkȯr pə rā shən/ n [Late Latin corporatio, from Latin corporare to form into a body, from corpor corpus body]: an invisible, intangible, artificial creation of the law existing as a voluntary chartered association of individuals… …   Law dictionary

  • shell — [ʆel] verb shell out something phrasal verb [intransitive, transitive] informal to spend a lot of money on something, often when you do not really want to; =FORK OUT: shell out something for/​on • The insurance company refused to shell out for… …   Financial and business terms

  • shell company — also shell corporation ➔ company * * *    A non trading company with a stock market quote. Also a dormant unquoted company …   Financial and business terms

  • shell company — or shell corporation n. a company existing as a legal entity but having no significant assets, independent business operations, etc., often owned or controlled by another company and used for various, often illegal, purposes * * * …   Universalium

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