abbreviation for Comité des Representant Permanents, 'Committee of Permanent Representatives'. The Council of the European Union meets on only a few days a month, so others must handle the business. This body comprises civil servants of the member states. It is a subordinate body in that it cannot decide; it carries through the discussion and negotiation phases. As a matter of practice, what it decides goes on to the A part of the Council's agenda and is passed 'on the nod' when it next meets. If anyone did want to reopen the matter, he could, in which case it is put on the B agenda of the next Council meeting.

Collins dictionary of law. . 2001.

European Union
COREPER, from the French Comité des représentants permanents, is the Committee of Permanent Representations in the European Union made up of the head or deputy head of mission from the EU member states.
COREPER carries out preliminary scrutiny of the dossiers on the Council agenda (proposals and drafts for acts tabled by the Commission). It seeks to reach agreement at its own level on each dossier, failing which it may suggest guidelines, options or suggested solutions to the Council.
The agendas for Council meetings reflect the progress made in COREPER. They consist of A items, to be approved without discussion following agreement within COREPER, and B items, for discussion.
COREPER works in two configurations:
• COREPER I: deputy permanent representatives, deals with technical matters.
• COREPER II: ambassadors, deals with political, commercial, economic or institutional matters.
It may also take some procedural decisions. It oversees and co-ordinates the work of some 250 committees and working parties made up of civil servants from the member states who work on issues at the technical level to be discussed later by COREPER and the Council. It is chaired by the Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Practical Law Dictionary. Glossary of UK, US and international legal terms. . 2010.

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