I noun brand, cachet, classification, description, docket, emblem, hallmark, identification, identification tag, insignia, mark, mark of identification, marker, sign, slip, stamp, sticker, superscription, tag, ticket associated concepts: disclaimer on a label, misleading labels, trademark for a brand on a label, warning on a label II verb betoken, brand, call, call by a distinctive title, characterize, classify, define, demarcate, denominate, denote, describe, designate, differentiate, distinguish by a mark, docket, earmark, entitle, identify, imprint, indicate, mark, name, provide with nomenclature, put a mark upon, set apart, single out, specify, stamp, tag, term, ticket, title III index brand, brand (mark), call (title), classify, define, denominate, denomination, denote, designation (naming), designation (symbol), device (distinguishing mark), discriminate (distinguish), earmark, heading, identification, identify, nominate, pigeonhole, rubric (title), title (designation), trademark

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

in Scottish criminal law, a term used to describe a piece of real evidence because a signed label is attached to it. It is the equivalent of the English and American exhibit.

Collins dictionary of law. . 2001.

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